Cable 2

Bulk Programming

With Bulk Programming you can provide residents of a hotel or even an apartment community with which ever channels you choose. Both Dish and Directv have great solutions that will fit your business’s individual needs. These systems require a Smart Box or Head-End setup and a reciever for each channel that you wish to provide using the existing building wiring or new wiring if needed from the Head-End to the individual televisions. The guests or residents will be able to change the channels in a similar fashion to basic cable or OTA TV. No boxes required in the rooms.

MDS (Multi Dish Solution)

With a MDS System LCI Home Services will install dishes as needed for Dish Network or Directv service and is best fit for mobile home communities and properties where existing wiring is not capable of carrying the satellite signals and where new wiring is not an option. With an MDS property LCI’s certified technicians will be the only technicians to service the property. New customers just call LCI to setup service and a technician will install any necessary equipment to complete the installations.

SDS (Shared Dish Solution)

The best MDU solution for Apartment and Retirement Communities. SDS systems only require one antenna per service installed either Dish or Directv or both. Utilizing existing wiring or running new cabling as needed in a hidden fashion keeping your property looking neet and tidy. LCI technicians will be the only technicians to service these type of properties so you always know that the job will be done right. Who wants hundreds of antennas all over a complex when you could just have one? Call LCI and see what we can do for you.