11.6inch Android All In One with touch screen
11.6inch Android All In One with touch screenSH1162WF-PHOTO-FOR-SHININGLCD-03-150x150

11.6inch Android All In One with touch screen

  • Rockchip-3188 quad core chip
  • HD LED digital screen (1366*768)
  • Applications download from android market,High definition video online
  • Box body stereo speakers
  • Support VESA 75*75 mm.

Product Description

Touchable Wifi Digital photo frames with android system is equipped with Rockchip-3188 quad core chip.
  * Brings you an excellent experience of vision and audition.
  * You can enjoy games, videos and music with it.
  * It is with a wall mount hole and supports international standard VESA 75*75 mm.
  * The bracket is designed concisely as a ring, which adds fashionable element to your life.
  * It is fitted with HD LED digital screen (1366*768).
  * Front-set camera with 200W pixels is ready to frame at any time.
  * HDMI output,As a media center, very convenient external connection monitor
  * 10 points capacitive touch gives you extraordinary experience, and all mirror tempered glass is fashionable and upscale.
  * Front-facing 2*1.5W box loudspeaker with special quality.
  * It supports applications download of android system and Internet connection like WIFI, external 3G network card and RJ45 netting twine.
  * It also support flash memory disk and mouse connection.
  * Support booting logo and printing logo(Need to contact with us)



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